Benefits of a Commercial Lawyer

You can reap a plethora of business benefits by utilizing the services of a competent commercial lawyer. Recall from our post on the functions of a corporate lawyer, all the various “hats” that person wears: advisor, regulatory gatekeeper, legal interpreter, and so forth. There are many terrific advantages to forging...

4 Types of Wills

You probably recall our previous discussion regarding the importance of estate planning and all the different ways to address things like powers of attorney, wills, and trusts. This illustrates how there’s a solid diversity of estate-planning mechanisms available nowadays. How familiar are you with the different types of wills? (more…)

Understanding Corporate Law

How well do you understand corporate law in America? If you have anything at all to do with business, this is a relevant topic for you. Whether you’re starting, running or /closing a business, need to know how to handle corporate taxes, need financing for your operations, have to deal...